Skilled Negotiators

Whether you have been accused of a crime, are the subject of a lawsuit or are bringing suit against somebody, a good lawyer is a good negotiator. A plea bargain, just like a civil settlement requires an understanding of the law, the strengths and weakness of the case and what can be done to improve the odds that you will obtain the best results possible. At Oxman & Oxman, P.C. we have negotiated thousands of cases to successful resolution.

Trial Attorneys

The best negotiations come about when it is apparent that your attorney is prepared and ready to go to trial. Any attorney can ask for a specific result or outcome, but if your opponent knows that your lawyer is inexperienced or unwilling to go to trial, you, as a plaintiff or defendant, lose your ability to effectively negotiate. Both Chad and Stephen have tried hundreds of cases, including complex jury trials.

Honesty, Integrity, Resolve, Results

An attorney is only as good as his name. At Oxman & Oxman, P.C., for three generations, we have relied on the strength of our name and a business model that providing a good service will create a good client base.

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